It is something that we are all familiar with.  Annoying advertisements that distract us and get in the way of our viewing pleasure, gaming, mobile browsing: Facebook and Youtube are riddled with advertisements.

What we can offer to do, is to build you a very tiny little computer to sit on your network, out of sight, to take away all of that annoyance.  It will capture every advertisement and “suck” it away so you do not even need to see it.  It sounds crazy, yes?  Well thanks to recent work by very clever people in the semiconductor community, it is now possible.  This is a very new discovery and hasn’t properly hit the market yet.  There is a very good chance, unless you know a very keen semiconductor hobbyist or professional that none of your friends or colleagues have even heard of it, never mind have it implemented in their home.  You could be enjoying viewing, browsing, gaming and streaming bliss without ever seeing another advertisement again.

Please get in touch if you would like us to implement this for you.